2015 Conference Videos

The following are a selection of videos from the 2015 conference:

Prof Peter M Rothwell, MD, PhD, FRCP, FMedSci
- Conference overview : Aspirin in the 21st Century

Andrew T. Chan, MD, MPH
– Aspiring in the primary prevention of cancer

Joan Clária
- Rethinking the mechanism of Aspirin

Dr Andrew Freedman, MA, MB, BChir, MD, FRCP
- Aspirin use in individuals with HIV

Angel Lanas, MD, D. Sc
– Mechanisms behind bleeding with Aspirin

Carlo Patrono, MD
- Understanding the intricacies of platelet activation and inhibition

Dr Ruth Langley
- Opportunities for treating cancer with Aspirin

Farhat Din, BSc, MBChB, MD, FRCS
- Effects of Aspirin on colorectal cancer

Peter Elwood – Past-Chair
– Aspirin for cancer treatment and prevention

Dr Hongmei Nan
- Why doesn't Aspirin protect everyone from colorectal cancer?

Dr Hongmei Nan
- Mapping the relationship between genetics and the impact of Aspirin on colorectal cancer