2019 Conference Programme

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Registration: 8.30 am - 8.45 am

Welcome: 8.45 am - 9.00 am

Session One: Benefits and risks of antithrombotic therapy in secondary prevention

Chairpersons: Andrew T Chan (Harvard Univ, Boston) and Peter Rothwell (Univ of Oxford)
9.00 - 10.00
Dropping aspirin from dual or triple antithrombotic therapy
• Marco Cattaneo (University of Milan) Regulatory mechanisms of platelet activation and inhibition: Is less more?
 • Marco Valgimigli (University of Bern) Clinical trials of aspirin-free regimens

 10.00 - 11.00
Combining antiplatelet and anticoagulant strategies in high-risk patients 
• Lina Badimon (Cardiovascular Research Center, Barcelona) The role of platelet activation and blood coagulation in atherothrombosis
• Giancarlo Agnelli (University of Perugia, Italy) Clinical trials of low-dose aspirin combined with low-dose rivaroxaban

11.00 – 11.30: Tea/coffee break

11.30 - 12.30
Reducing upper gastrointestinal bleeding by more extensive use of gastroprotectant agents 
• Andrew T Chan (Harvard University, Boston) Mechanisms of upper gastrointestinal complications induced by antithrombotic drugs
• Angel Lanas (University of Zaragoza) Clinical trials of gastroprotectant agents

12.30 – 1.30: Lunch break

Session Two: Benefits and risks of antithrombotic therapy in primary prevention

Chairpersons: Michael Gaziano (Harvard Univ) and John Chia (NCCS, Singapore)

 1.30 - 2.30
Optimizing the aspirin dose and dosing regimen
• Bianca Rocca (Catholic University, Rome) Interindividual variability in the extent and duration of platelet thromboxane inhibition by low-dose aspirin
• Peter Rothwell (University of Oxford) Clinical trials of different aspirin doses and dosing regimens

2.30 - 3.30
Incorporating other benefits of low-dose aspirin in the benefit/risk equation
• Paola Patrignani (University of Chieti) Mechanisms underlying the non-vascular effects of low-dose aspirin
• Ruth Langley (University College London) Clinical trial evidence supporting a cancer chemopreventive effect of low-dose aspirin

3.30 – 4.00: Tea/coffee break

4.00 - 5.00
Targeting the right patient population for primary prevention: the case of diabetes mellitus
• Gemma Vilahur (Cardiovascular Research Center, Barcelona) Mechanisms of atherothrombosis in diabetes mellitus
• Francesco Cosentino (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm) Translating clinical trial evidence into treatment recommendations for the use of aspirin in diabetes

17.00 - 17.10
Meeting concluding remarks:
• Carlo Patrono (Catholic University Rome)