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BBC Radio 4, Inside Health : Sir John Burn and the genetics of cancer


Professor Sir John Burn, has made Newcastle on Tyne a centre for research on genetics and disease.  His research with families with a propensity to develop certain cancers has shown the benefits of taking aspirin as a prevention against the disease. 

Release date: February 2018


Emerging Aspirin Investigator Award 2018 by the International Aspirin Foundation

The International Aspirin Foundation is seeking appropriate potential recipients for the Emerging Aspirin Investigator Award 2018.  Open to junior scientists the candidates needs to produce a statement and submit it by 30 April 2018

Release date: February 2018

Aspirin celebrates 120 years of innovation – gain access to the lectures

World experts from the medical and scientific community met in Berlin to celebrate and explore the current understanding of aspirin’s multifaceted role in modern Medicine. Read the full press release to view the conference overview video and register your interest to watch the conference lectures.

Release date: December 2017

G.L. Pharma becomes a Supporter of the International Aspirin Foundation

The International Aspirin Foundation is delighted to announce that G.L. Pharma GmbH has joined its group of Supporters who are aligned with The Foundation’s aims of increasing awareness and medical research in aspirin.

Release date: December 2017

Professor Carlo Patrono presents the Emerging Investigator Science Award

The 2017 winner, Dr Linxin Li, was selected for her ground breaking prospective population-based cohort study in patients with a first transient ischaemic attack, ischaemic stroke, or myocardial infarction treated with antiplatelet drugs (mainly aspirin based, without routine PPI use) after the event in the Oxford Vascular Study.

Release date: October 2017

Professor Peter Rothwell hands Professor Carlo Patrono the Chair of the Aspirin Foundation Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Carlo Patrono is delighted to take on the role of Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at the International Aspirin Foundation.  Professor Patrono looks forward to further developing the Foundation as an instrument for a joint venture of the medical/scientific community and Industry in exploring aspirin’s role in disease prevention and treatment.

Release date: September 2017

 The International Aspirin Foundation strengthens its Scientific Advisory Board and welcomes Dr John Chia

The International Aspirin Foundation is delighted and honoured to welcome Dr John WK Chia to its Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr Chia is active in clinical trial research; and has developed and/or led numerous clinical trial studies– including immune check-point inhibitors, cancer vaccines, adoptive T cell, and small molecule targets for cancer.

Release date: July 2017

 The International Aspirin Foundation celebrates 120 years of aspirin innovation

Clinicians and scientists from across the globe will meet at Charité – Berlin Museum of Medical History, Berlin on September 14th 2017 to celebrate 120 years since the synthesis of acetylsalicylic acid. Aspirin maybe relatively old in pharmaceutical terms but research regarding its many exciting indications and its role in disease prevention is new and expanding. The International Aspirin Foundation is delighted to be able to bring together world leaders in aspirin research and facilitate an in depth discussion of the important role aspirin has in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Release date: May 2017


Scientific Advisory Board welcomes new member, Prof Lina Badimon

The International Aspirin Foundation is delighted and honoured to welcome Professor Lina Badimon to its Scientific Advisory Board.  Professor Badimon’s research activities focus on thrombosis and hemostasis, atherosclerosis, lipids and inflammation.

Professor Badimon is the Director of the Cardiovascular Research Center in Barcelona (CSIC‐ICCC) in the Hospital Santa Creu and San Pau, Director of the Cardiovascular Research Chair of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Director of the UNESCO Chair in Biomedical Sciences Training and Research.

Release date: Feb 2017


The International Aspirin Foundation expands its reach to China and  welcomes Professor Ge to the Scientific Advisory Board

The International Aspirin Foundation is delighted and honoured to welcome Professor Junbo Ge to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Professor Ge is a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor and doctoral supervisor and works as the director for Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Disease and the Center for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering.

Release date: Sept 2016

BBC Radio 4, Inside Health with Dr Mark Porter – Full Episode

Podcast from BBC Radio 4 Inside Health Programme, first broadcast on 4 October 2016. Dr Mark Porter interviews the International Aspirin Foundation Chairman, Prof Peter Rothwell, on the subject of Mini-Strokes.

Winners of the 2016 Senior Science Award Announced

Three world-class professors, Nancy Cook, Michael Gaziano and Julie Buring, From Boston were today, 30th September 2016, announced as the winners of the 2016 International Apirin Foundation Senior Science Award for their wok on the two largest ever randomised trials of Aspirin. You can also read the announcement on the Harvard School of Public Health website (this opens in a new window)

Release date: Sept 2016

The Aspirin Summaries, Issue 1

This report provides a relatively concise and current overview of activity, which reflects the depth of expertise and knowledge of the members of the Scientific Advisory Board, from both geographical and scientific areas.

Release date: August 2016

The Lancet – Published Online

Rothwell PM, Algra A, Chen z, Diener HC, Norrving B and Mehta Z. Effects of aspirin on risk and severity of early recurrent stroke after transient ischaemic attack and ischaemic stroke: tome-course analysis of randomised trials.

Release date: May 2016

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