Press Release – Scientific Conference 2017

Press Release - May 2017

The International Aspirin Foundation celebrates 120 years of aspirin innovation


Clinicians and scientists from across the globe will meet at Charité – Berlin Museum of Medical History, Berlin on September 14th 2017 to celebrate 120 years since the synthesis of acetylsalicylic acid. Aspirin maybe relatively old in pharmaceutical terms but research regarding its many exciting indications and its role in disease prevention is new and expanding. The International Aspirin Foundation is delighted to be able to bring together world leaders in aspirin research and facilitate an in depth discussion of the important role aspirin has in the prevention and treatment of disease.

In the morning delegates have the added benefit of live transmission to China enabling two way discussion.  This covers the first session, an update on CVD and stroke, chaired by Professor Junbo Ge, and the second session, looking at the role of aspirin in cancer prevention, chaired by Dr Ruth Langley.

After a tour of the Medical Museum, the third session will explore aspirin’s mechanisms of action, chaired by Professor Carlo Patrono; before a final session analyses the risks and causes of bleeding while taking aspirin and strategies that can be used to prevent this, chaired by Professor Lina Badimon.

Professor Peter Rothwell FMedSci, Chair of the International Aspirin Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board states; “This unique meeting brings together experts to discuss the implications of trials and other research in mechanisms, prevention and treatment across multiple diseases.”

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The event is open to both academics and medical specialists, but tickets are limited.  To book your place visit