Emerging Investigator Award Winner 2018

Dr Andrew Chan presents Emerging Aspirin Investigator Science Award

The International Aspirin Foundation’s Science Award for the Emerging Aspirin Investigator is open to junior scientists in the early stages of their research career, who are contributing to the knowledge of aspirin through original independent scientific research in the field of experimental and/or clinical medicine.

The Foundation’s International Scientific Advisory Board considered some excellent submissions from around the world. The applicants’ work has increased the understanding of the role of aspirin within: colorectal cancer (CRC) chemoprevention; cell biology; antiplatelet pharmacodynamics and the effectiveness, safety and drug utilisation of low-dose aspirin in clinical practice.  

The diversity and multidisciplinary appeal of aspirin research is demonstrated with the winner of this year’s award; a highly talented health economist from the USA, Dr Steven Dehmer.

Prof Carlo Patrono, Chair Scientific Advisory Board / Award winner – Dr Steve Dehmer / Member of Scientific Advisory Board Dr Andrew Chan

The impact of Dr Dehmer's work is already evident from the integral role his CVD microsimulation prevention model played in supporting the US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) team.  The model simulated almost 1 billion life-years of data, to be able to inform decision making around the net benefit-harm balance point, where aspirin is advantageous for primary disease prevention.

In the future Dr Dehmer plans to use his model to further mimic the experience of individual patients and help inform clinical decisions about aspirin. His microsimulation modelling has the potential to help clinicians and patients understand aspirin’s role in the field of cancer therapy and provide guidance about how long aspirin should be used.

Dr Dehmer expressed what the award means for him, “in building scientific models, I seek to translate evidence into practice. Beyond a tremendous personal honor, I see this award as deserved recognition of the vast body of aspirin research advanced by a global community of investigators and participants that makes the kind of work I do possible.”

Presenting the award Dr Andrew Chan, member of The Foundation’s International Scientific Advisory Board said: “I am extremely impressed with the quality and diversity of the submissions for the Emerging Aspirin Investigator Science Award and the significant impact this work has for our understanding of aspirin use in chronic disease prevention.

The impact of Dr Steven Dehmer's work is already being felt with his CVD microstimulation model which was pivotal to the 2016 USPSTF recommendations.

We look forward to following Dr Dehmer in his future career as he continues his modelling work to guide clinicians in aspirin use."

Emerging Aspirin Investigator Award Winner  with Award Sponsors, GL Pharma GmbH and Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board
Dr Christof Wachter, GL Pharma GmbH / Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Prof Carlo Patrono /

Award winner –Dr Steven Dehmer/Dr Doris Lechner, GL Pharma GmbH

Pictures courtesy of Ben Carpenter