Press Release – John Chia

Press Release - July 2017

The International Aspirin Foundation strengthens its Scientific Advisory Board and welcomes Dr Chia

The International Aspirin Foundation is delighted and honoured to welcome Dr John WK Chia to its Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr Chia is active in clinical trial research; and has developed and/or led numerous clinical trial studies– including immune check-point inhibitors, cancer vaccines, adoptive T cell, and small molecule targets for cancer.

Peter Rothwell commented, “The Foundation allows aspirin to be considered in as broad a context as possible and brings together expertise to discuss the results of research studies and trials in primary and secondary prevention across multiple diseases” and continues “Dr Chia is an oncologist, based in Singapore, and will contribute important expertise on cancer to the Scientific Advisory Board.”

John Chia states “Aspirin is coming into its third lease of life - as a bona fide cancer prevention agent.  Since Aspirin was re-purposed from an anti-inflammatory, to an anti-thrombotic agent in the 1980s - it has benefited millions of people with heart disease and stroke.  It is a privilege to be part of the global scientific community developing knowledge on Aspirin's new role in cancer."

For further information visit see Dr John Chia's page on the Scientific Advisory Board area of this website.

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