Peter Elwood


 Peter is a past-Chair of the Aspirin Foundation Scientific Advisory Board.

Bleeding attributable to aspirin: I continue to monitor the literature for evidence on bleeding attributable to aspirin and I become ever more convinced that the risk and the seriousness of a bleed is grossly exaggerated. I have had papers on this refused, but one editorial has been published (Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2014;10:1-3).

Colorectal Cancer Screening and a role for aspirin: I believe that it is for colon cancer that aspirin will first become accepted by our clinical colleagues and by policy makers. I further believe that aspirin alongside colorectal screening is highly attractive ethically and economically. Last year we published a paper with the above title. I am now doing what I can to stimulate the interest of colleagues locally and I have written a letter summarising the risks, benefits and ethical issues to the chair of the UK National Screening Committee.

Aspirin and cancer: I am active locally in doing what I can to get clinicians, and a very large charity in Wales, to recognise the likely value of aspirin used as an adjunct treatment of cancer. The discussions I have had so far focus on prostate and colon cancer.

A web site on aspirin prophylaxis. We already have a video on YouTube ( We are now working on a web site.

Natural Salicylates: We are doing a pre-pilot study of salicylates in urine samples stored for many years. If salicylates can be detected we hope this may open up a way to test the prediction of cancer by fruit and veg consumption.