Senior Science Award 2020

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Applications are invited for the
 International Aspirin Foundation's Senior Science Award 2020

Upon its 40th anniversary the International Aspirin Foundation announced the introduction of two biennial awards; a Senior Science Award and a Junior Investigator Award (renamed in 2017 as Emerging Investigator Award), recognising excellence in scientific research, contributing to the scientific knowledge of aspirin.  As the awards are supported by Bayer AG they are widely considered an extension of the previous Bayer ASPIRIN Awards.

Senior Aspirin Award Criteria

  • Applicants are asked to submit up to a 1000 word summary of their career and contribution to the use and science of aspirin, together with a 200 word lay summary.
  • Applicants should have a demonstrable track record of valuable biomedical research (basic, clinical or translational), contributing to the scientific knowledge of aspirin.
  • Deadline for receipt of applications is 28th February 2020. All applications will be reviewed by the International Aspirin Foundation Scientific Advisory Board in reaching their decision.
  • In recognition of the chosen applicant(s)’ achievements, there will be a presentation ceremony to honour their work.
  • Applicants should be available to attend an Award Ceremony in Boston and be prepared to participate in media interest in the event.  In addition the lay summary will be used for publicity purposes.
  • A report will be produced on the awardee(s)’ body of work.



  • Award entries are invited from a potential candidate or his/her colleagues by their colleagues in scientific or academic institutions, together with a short (1,000 word) summary in the terms covered in the Award Criteria and a lay summary (200 words).

Submission method:

  • Applications should be sent via email.
  • Email:


  • Applications are to be received by 28th February 2020.  An email or letter will be sent confirming receipt and validity.

Review Process:

  • The Secretariat will provide the list of candidates for the Scientific Advisory Board at the March Board Meeting.  The Scientific Advisory Board may nominate additional candidates.
  • All applications will be reviewed and a decision made.  The Scientific Advisory Board will seek to achieve unanimity in selection. 

In all matters pertaining to the Science Award, the decision of the Chair of the SAB is final.

Award winner(s) will be notified by 30th April 2020.

Previous Winners

Bayer Senior Aspirin Award:

  • 1992 - Garret Fitzgerald
  • 1995 - Gustav Born
  • 1996 - Henry Barnett
  • 1997 - William Smith
  • 1998 - Carlo Patrono
  • 1999 - Charles Hennekens
  • 2000 - Sir Richard Peto, Colin Baigent, Rory Collins, and Peter Sleight
  • 2002 - Aaron Marcus
  • 2007 - Hans Christoph Diener

International Aspirin Foundation winners:

  • 2014    Peter Rothwell, Oxford UK
  • 2016    Julie Buring/Nancy Cook/Mike Gaziano, Boston USA
  • 2018    Paola Patrignani, Italy

Current Endowment

£20,000 per individual or group