2022 Scientific Conference

  Academics and clinicians met in Berlin to present and debate evidence of the role of aspirin in the current therapeutic armamentarium An overview video of each of the sessions for the place of aspirin in cardiology, neurology, oncology, rheumatology and gynecology can be viewed below.

2015 : ASPIRIN In The 21ST Century

ASPIRIN in the 21st century Speakers, selected by the Foundation, presented new data on Aspirin use to report or review a broad range of data leading to new concepts in the use and value of Aspirin. ASPIRIN IN THE 21st CENTURY – Common mechanisms of disease and their modulation by aspirin The conference took place […]

2018 Scientific Conference

Aspirin : Trial Updates and Scientific Awards Conferences 2018 The 2018 scientific awards and aspirin trial update conference afforded a very dynamic opportunity for discussion and debate. Our science award winners shared their work and, with five randomised clinical trials completing in 2018, the meeting also provided an excellent arena for analysis and interpretation of […]

2019 Scientific Conference

Academics and clinicians met in Rome to present and debate evidence informing the optimisation of antithrombotic therapy for cardiovascular disease prevention (CVD). The International Aspirin Foundation Conference will provide the scientific arena to enable this important discussion to take place within its two main sessions devoted to the assessment of benefits and risks of antithrombotic […]