Press Release – International Aspirin Foundation’s Meeting in Edinburgh stimulates intense international debate and discussion amongst leaders in aspirin basic and clinical research

The principle investigators from five recently completed major aspirin trials (ARRIVE1, ASCEND2, ASPREE3-5, AspECT6 and seAFOod7) met at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on the 20th September 2018 to share their interpretation of important new findings.  The delegates and presenters included professors of neurology, epidemiology, gastroenterology, oncology and pharmacology.  This meeting facilitates scientists to connect, […]

Emerging Investigator Award Winner 2018

Dr Andrew Chan presents Emerging Aspirin Investigator Science Award The International Aspirin Foundation’s Science Award for the Emerging Aspirin Investigator is open to junior scientists in the early stages of their research career, who are contributing to the knowledge of aspirin through original independent scientific research in the field of experimental and/or clinical medicine. The […]

Senior Science Award Winner – Paola Patrignani

Professor Peter Rothwell presents Senior Science Award Paola Patrignani, a highly regarded Professor from Italy, is the winner of the 2018 International Aspirin Foundation Senior Science Award.  Paola’s dedication to aspirin research has greatly increased our understanding of how aspirin works within the human body and this work has had a major impact on both […]

Podcast – Professor Peter Rothwell on BBC Radio 4 Inside Health

Podcast – BBC Radio 4, Inside Health Professor Peter Rothwell discusses the research he lead into the current low aspirin doseage of “one size fits all” approach is wrong. Peter Rothwell, Professor of Clinical Neurology at the University of Oxford, lead the team who made the discovery that if you are taking low dose aspirin, […]

New Trial Data

​Two of the three recently completed primary prevention trials of low-dose aspirin were presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Munich and simultaneously published online on August 26th.1,2 A Study of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes2 (ASCEND, funded by the British Heart Foundation) was performed to assess the efficacy and safety of enteric-coated aspirin […]


Follow this link to download a pdf copy of the press release The S2TOP-BLEED score may be helpful to identify patients on antiplatelet therapy following a transient ischemic attack or ischaemic stroke that are at high risk of bleeding. The S2TOP-BLEED score may help identify a sub group of high risk patients where gastro protective […]

Aspirin’s synergistic role in cancer immunotherapy

Follow this link to download a pdf copy of the press release Aspirin use appears to improve survival post diagnosis in colorectal cancers  with certain genetic mutations  Immune check point inhibitors against the PDCD1 (programmed cell death 1, PD-1) to CD274 (PDCD1 ligand, PD-1) axis have shown exciting clinical benefits in the treatment of refractory […]

Podcast – Professor John Burn on BBC Radio 4 Inside Health

Press Release – December 2017Aspirin celebrates 120 years of innovation – gain access to the lectures World experts from the medical and scientific community met in Berlin to celebrate and explore the current understanding of aspirin’s multifaceted role in modern Medicine.  It is remarkable, 120 years on from when Aspirin was first synthesised by Dr […]