Pioneering low-dose aspirin research group to receive Senior Science Award 2020


The scientists responsible for first trials of low-dose daily aspirin to prevent coronary and cerebrovascular events have been recognised with the International Aspirin Foundation’s Senior Science Award 2020. Professors Lars Wallentin, Jan van Gijn, Bo Norrving and Tom Meade led four pivotal trials across Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK in the 1980s. Together, these […]

Long term low- dose aspirin use in patients with chronic viral hepatitis reduces the risk of HCC and liver related mortality.

Hepatocellular cancer (HCC) remains an issue worldwide and strategies to reduce its incidence are important. This Swedish study examines the role of low-dose aspirin (75mg or 160mg) in people with chronic viral hepatitis in reducing the risk of HCC and liver-related mortality without a significantly higher risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. The results showed that over […]

Press Release – ESC 2019 : Aspirin : Where we are now and were we are going

Press Release Aspirin: Where we are now and where we are going Join us in Paris during ESC 2019 for an intimate meeting with members of the International Aspirin Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, on Monday 2nd September at the Balzac – The Hub from 4.00-4.30pm. Professors Peter Rothwell (University of Oxford); Lina Badimon (Cardiovascular Research […]

Podcast – Richard Peto on BBC Radio 4

PODCAST – RICHARD PETO ON BBC RADIO 4 THE LIFE SCIENTIFIC (April 2019) Big data pioneer Richard Peto combined evidence of huge clinical trials from cancer to heart disease and showed that taking seriously the causes of the big killers saves lives. Hear the interview on the video below.

Press Release – Professor Daniel José Piňeiro

The International Aspirin Foundation welcomes Professor Daniel José Piňeiro as an associate member for South America Photograph caption: Professor Daniel José Piňeiro Download a PDF of the Press Release Professor Daniel José Piňeiro joins the International Aspirin Foundation (IAF) as associate member for South America. In this capacity he will provide a link to information […]

Review of observational studies supporting aspirin’s role in cancer treatment

Follow this link to download a pdf copy of the press release The S2TOP-BLEED score may be helpful to identify patients on antiplatelet therapy following a transient ischemic attack or ischaemic stroke that are at high risk of bleeding. The S2TOP-BLEED score may help identify a sub group of high risk patients where gastro protective […]

Press Release – Scientific Conference 2019

Press Release Global meeting to facilitate multidisciplinary debate on the risks and benefits of antithrombotic therapy. With a wealth of new data supporting the role of antithrombotic drugs in cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention reaching publication over the last few years, the opportunity for world experts from a mix of disciplines to meet and put this […]